[Saturday Support] Your chance to change the world by crowdfunding a social impact project


Crowdfunding is arising as a perfect tool to innovate social projects: it empowers and connects thousands of people online around the world to discuss and invest in a project they believe in. It can be the most democratic and interactive way to create change, while it decentralizes the power of a single person, founder or investor to a group, therefore enabling projects that would never be conventionally financed to become possible and benefit thousands.

Anyone who starts a project can register their cause in a collective funding website, stipulate an amount of money required to make it happen and a deadline for the sum to be raised. The method used for funding on Kickstarter is the all-or-nothing, in which projects need to be funded 100 percent within the given time, otherwise supporters receive the amount invested back. On the other hand, Indiegogo gives all funds raised to the fundraiser, even if it the campaign does not reach its goal.

In order to mobilize the interest of the crowd and inspire people, we at Social Story will showcase every week interesting and valuable social campaigns to light your heart up and engage you to support an action that promotes social change.

1. “Our Gujarat”: Documentary about a divided State:

Sheena and her sister Sorun have been filming a documentary in India, the US and the UK about why and how Gujaratis have been recruited into Hindutva organisations and what role the Indian diaspora living in the UK and the US play. Through discussions with Hindu nationalists in the UK and the US the girls discovered the anti-Islamic and intolerant beliefs held by Hindu nationalists and, through “Our Gujarat”, they try to probe into what it means to be Gujarati. Sheena and Sorun are trying to raise £ 8,000 to complete the post-production phase, covering the editor expenses, sound post-production and color correction. It would also contribute to some of the distribution costs and have the film subtitled to Gujarati and/or Hindi. Click here to help them get the film done.

2. Clean Solar Cooking for India:

Sun Oven India is trying to bring clean solar cooking to four rural schools in India this year, and six more next year. The founder, Ricca Slone, felt the urge to help rural villagers after coming to India to teach English at a rural school in the state of Orissa. Watching the Indian women collect and carry fuel wood, and cook over smoky open stoves, made her want to help them find a safer way to feed their families. They are raising $ 88 to pay for eight American solar ovens, a set of cooking pots, a small trailer to move the oven and shipping costs. Click here to help them with this cause. Only 7 days left!

3. Toilets for 1 Million women In India: 

Use My Loo is a campaign that seeks to bring toilet access to 1 million women in urban India. The campaign supports the premise that millions of women in Indian slums can be given access to toilets and bathrooms not by constructing new toilets but by sharing them, also trying to avoid the fact that over 25 percent of women in slums areas report having been sexually assaulted or even raped while going to open fields, especially before dawn and after dusk. The campaign targets $  442,000 – around $ 5 to provide toilet access to each women. Click here to join this campaign.

4. Christmas Gifts for Orphans in India:

We are less than 4 weeks away to Christmas Eve and millions of children around India will not have a chance to live the magic moment of unwrapping a Christmas present. Iris Andhra Pradesh, a not-for-profit organization that rescues child slaves and feeds hungry people, wants to make this Christmas season a little brighter by providing $ 15,000 in gifts for more than 600 little ones in Andhra Pradesh. With a $ 10 gift each, the team will visit eight homes for rescued children. To make their Christmas happier, click here and help funding this campaign.

5. Bringing Music into under-served children’s lives in India

Kala Ramnath is a violinist who dreams of bringing music to Indian poor children. She started a non-profit foundation called Kalashree in order to benefit this children from being exposed to music and find a way out of the hopelessness of a life of poverty. To help the foundation meet its goals, Kala is organizing a series of fundraising concerts that will fund Kalashree’s activities and eventually revolutionize classical music education for children in India. For the concerts to happen, she is raising $ 20,000 dollars, which will cover five accompanying artists expenses, fees and music classes for these undeserved children. You have 7 days left to help Kala fulfill this dream and impact poor children. Click here to give your contribution.


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