TechStars graduate Shippable raises $2 million in seed funding

(L to R) Avi Cavale, Manisha Sahasrabudhe, Devashish Meena

Shippable is a cloud based ALM service focused on helping developers ship code faster. The company was founded by Avi Cavale and Manisha Sahasrabudhe and they recently graduated from the TechStars 2013 batch in Seattle. In a recent announcement, Shippable has raised $2M in seed funding. The round was led by Founders Co-op with participation from Divergent Ventures, Madrona Venture Group, Vulcan Capital, and several prominent angel investors.

Manisha graduated from Pune Institute of Computer Technology while Avi grew up in Bangalore and has a Mechanical Engineering degree. Manisha went on to do an MS in USA and worked as a software developer for 7 years at companies like Motorola and Siemens before joining Microsoft as a Program Manager where she met Avi who also came to US to pursue higher studies. Before MS and life as a software engineer, Avi also raced motorcycles for MRF and Suzuki in late 90s. Finding a synergy in their thoughts, the duo decided to come together for Shippable with the intention of building a product to helps developers ship quality code faster by automating the entire software development workflow from the time it is developed to the time it is deployed.

"It is common knowledge that integrating software early and often helps teams ship software faster. But our epiphany was when we realized that the unwieldiness of virtual machines (VMs) often make this process time consuming and tedious. Of course VMs were an improvement over physical machines, but Docker is another giant leap forward. We already have a continuous integration service that leverages Docker containers natively and is at least 3 times faster that anything out there. We will add more critical ALM components in Q1 of 2014," says Avi Cavale. Since launching a public beta of their service just 2 months ago, over 2,000 developers have signed up and Shippable users are running over 2,500 integration builds a day.

"As enterprise software investors, we're very familiar with the strategic pressure large firms feel to increase their product agility while maintaining code quality, scaling and security. Shippable has taken a very creative and effective approach to solving many of the common issues that large companies have in the development process," said Chris DeVore of Founders Co-op.

Shippable is currently in public beta and will launch commercially early 2014. Sign up here.


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