[Startup Workplaces] A tour of Mumbai based Shopsense- Trying to put 'sensation into shopping'


Shopsense is a Mumbai based startup founded by Farooq Adam, Harsh Shah and Sreeraman MG and are in the business of making shopping better. Backed by Kae Capital and a few other angels, the company is into making the entire offline shopping experience better by using technology. They have various products via which mall and shop owners can give their customers a better shopping experience. For instance, if a customer walks into a Diesel Store (already piloted), he or she has access to a touch screen display where they can browse and match from the entire clothes range in the store along with a strong social angle (shoppers can mail combinations to their friends and take feedback, etc.)While at their office last week, I took a tour through their office to have a look at their practices and how they're functioning. This is also a build up on the startup culture and showcasing workplaces series we carried out earlier. Here is a tour of the workplace:


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