[Part 1] Talking 'Education' with Srikanth Iyer, CEO, TutorVista Global/Pearson


British publishing and education company Pearson recently completely acquired TutorVista and appointed Srikanth Iyer as the CEO. Srikanth has been in the education space close to two decades and has been a key part of our Edustars campaign, providing entrepreneurs with a lot of inputs from his experience (see our previous interview). In this video interview, Srikanth throws light on his journey and some of the most important lessons from he draws:

Key points:

1) Entrepreneurs should learn quickly. Making mistakes is inevitable and necessary but learning from them and moving on is crucial.

2) Being adaptive is more important than being intuitive

3) Having a very good team 'consistently' contributes a lot towards building a good company

4) Look at a large problem to solve so that you have scale to attain

Edustars 2013 concluded yesterday where 8 promising education startups presented and some valuable discussions took place. Stay tuned for more from the event and Part 2 of this interview with Srikanth Iyer.


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