BetaOut's AmplifyConnect - A user engagement tool with the human touch


BetaOut is a Noida-based company founded by Ankit Maheshwari. He earlier founded Instamedia Network, a lifestyle blog network, which was serving over 20 million page views at its peak before it was acquired by a Dubai-based media company. BetaOut was Ankit's next bet in the media space and this time the focus was on products. ContentCloud was their first product. It is a content management tool for companies. In November last year, BetaOut came out with a user engagement tool called, AmplifyConnect.

The product was launched with an announcement on their blog; calling AmplifyConnect an 'icebreaker for user engagement'. The tool is built around one premise-- “People want to connect with real people and not brands. Brands are not people but brands are made by people. So why not use a real person from your company to represent your brand.” The product is free to use and has seen good traction in the two months of launch with more than a thousand sign ups.

AmplifyConnect's bi-directional nature makes it a handy tool and can actually push engagement with users. For instance, in most websites when a user goes to a 'contact us' page, he or she is asked to fill up the form and wait for a response. But in AmlifyConnect's case, the user can engage in a dialogue with a face on the dashboard. The whole approach is more personal.

User engagement has become exceedingly important as more and more focus comes down to conversions, rather than just traffic. This is where AmplifyConnect fits in pretty well in BetaOut's bigger scheme of things. “We see that in the entire customer funnel, more focus needs to be given to tools which improve conversions and give the users a better experience,” says Ankit. AmplifyConnect in its current avatar is a part of a bigger product. “This piece of the product will always remain free,” adds Ankit. There are other players dedicated to customer engagement like WebEngage and Viralmint which have product suites to improve conversions.

Betaout is a 20-member team and given the strong media background, it'll be playing in the field of content, management and marketing. ContentCloud as a product is also doing well with more than 1500 clients out of which a couple of dozen are paying clients. “We've seen more and more people coming to ContentCloud because of the ease of use on mobile,” says Ankit. The roadmap for Betaout shows more consolidation for ContentCloud and building on top of AmplifyConnect.

Give it a spin: AmplifyConnect