EMBARQ India and Shell Foundation's 'Rickshaw Rising Challenge' eight finalists announced

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The Rickshaw Rising Challenge launched by EMBARQ India and Shell Foundation, which began on November 15th and ended on December 20th received 45 applications to improve the quality of service, access, safety, environment, and livelihood of drivers. The list has been pruned down to eight finalists to pitch for awards of $50,000 and six months business support. For more details do read our story on the challenge here.


Here are the list of the eight finalists:

1) Company: AutoRaja

City: Chennai

Description: AutoRaja is a social enterprise with twin-objectives of running autorickshaws on call, and helping create dignified lives for auto drivers by increasing business and facilitating access to institutional finance, affordable healthcare, and quality education.

2) Company: Grinntech Motors

City: Dehradun

Description: Grinntech Motors have developed a new approach to operate electric vehicles on the back of services associated with operation of electric auto rickshaws powered by a long life affordable battery. The idea is eco-friendly and technically as well as economically feasible and sustainable with better profit margins than existing transport systems.

3) Company: Gyan Data

City: Chennai

Description: Gyan Data provides solutions to various sectors that disrupt the status-quo through identifying unique domain-specific innovations that are supported by our advanced data analytics capabilities.

4) Company: India Drivers Network

City: Bangalore

Description: India Drivers Network is a social enterprise to create an impactful livelihood platform for India’s auto rickshaw drivers, dramatically improve the quality of commuting in Indian cities, and significantly reduce the environmental footprint from vehicular traffic.Bangalore

5) Company: Smart Commuting Services

City: Patna

Description: Smart Commuting Services is a last-mile connectivity specialist that is launching fleet auto services.Patna

6) Company: Terra Motors India

City: Gurgaon

Description: Terra Motors India creates last-mile public transportation infrastructure with its own electric rickshaw.Gurgaon

7) Company: Three Wheels United

City: Bangalore

Description: Three Wheels United is a social enterprise addressing social, financial and environmental issues in the auto-rickshaw ecosystem through its unique three pronged solution – financial services, alternate channels of revenue, and bringing in shift to cleaner engines.Bangalore

8) Company: Ubida

City: Bangalore

Description: Ubida address auto rickshaw hailing problems by providing auto rickshaws to the customers when they book through web / mobile app / IVR / phone.Pune

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