HackerEarth set to vie for Seedstars World startup title on Feb 4


HackerEarth was chosen as one of the three finalists from India at the Seedstars World startup competition to be held in Geneva on February 4. The other two finalists are Twaang and TheArtRenter, which operate in different sectors and domains. Sachin Gupta, co-founder HackerEarth, says that they are creating a one-stop coding and development platform for both companies and developers.

The traction with HackerEarth is increasing and Sachin says this will help them increase their user base. The initial days were focused on the development of API, getting more developers to use the code editor, and partnering with companies for recruitment. Like every startup, they have evolved after a lot of challenges to finally represent India at the world stage.

Citing customer feedback, Sachin says it is good to know that people are using HackerEarth’s platform to find work. He adds enthusiastically that they are trying to change how coding-based recruitment was done in the past, and they have been able to keep true to their vision.

HackerEarth grades programmers based on coding challenges that it runs thereby making it easy for recruiters to hire good talent. Over the past one year, they have added new resources such as developer’s profile, which Sachin says, has been released only to a segment of the users. Another update was the addition of learning resources which is used by many programmers to understand coding.HackerEarth’s next aim is to scale up. Getting more users on board and more coding challenges is next on their agenda, and according to Sachin, a win at Seedstars which carries a prize money of $500,000, will surely help. Sachin says there are many coders looking for work and the platform that HackerEarth has built is helping them interact, build and learn programming.

He says HackerEarth is in competition with every recruiting company in India which is into technical recruitment. “When you are building a product and if the customer is ready to pay for it then you are good to go,” he adds.

Started as an idea by Sachin Gupta and Vivek Prakash in 2012, HackerEarth was selected in the inaugural batch of GSF Accelerator. Both come from IIT backgrounds and wanted to solve the problems associated with recruitment of developers in India.