Entrepreneurs can beat stress with Headspace App


Today, almost everybody in the world deals with stress daily. And among them are a special breed of people who deal with it round the clock, 7 days a week. The startup entrepreneurs. So, here we recommend this interesting new app to all our entrepreneur readers - Headspace.

Founded by an ex-monk who was based in a Tibetan monastery for ten years, Andy Puddicombe, this app is an attempt to make meditation accessible to all and possible for anyone. You can access this through his website. Headspace App promises to be with you round the clock.

This is how the app works:

Meditation is an age-old practice to channelise the mind and get into a state of mindfulness. The benefits of meditation to calm, strengthen and revitalise the mind has been proved scientifically. Just two days ago, an article in Forbes said that meditation could rival medication in tackling depression.

If you want to dig deeper on meditation, we highly recommend this book by American born Buddhist monk, Pema Chodran, "How to Meditate".