Heckyl expands to UK


After firmly setting base in India, financial data analytics startup, Heckyl Technologies has now entered the UK market. The company recently shared news about setting up its first international operation in Canary Wharf, London. Located in Level39 – one of the largest accelerator spaces in London for finance, retail and future cities technology companies, Heckyl will share floor space with other startups operating from the same premises.

Som Sagar, Gavin Cleary - UKTI, Eric Van Der Kleij, Head of Level39, Mukund Mudras

Co-founder Som Sagar has moved to UK and will head operations there. The startup is in the process of hiring a senior sales resource who will lead sales not just for UK, but for the entire European market.

Earlier this year, Heckyl won the ‘Most Innovative Indian Company’ award given by UKTI, and this provided the startup a window to the Western world. As part of the award, Heckyl was taken on an all expense paid trip to UK and were introduced to a number of people from the UK startup ecosystem. UKTI also helped them setup their office in the UK by providing assistance at all levels to startup – registration, accounts, lawyers etc.

The financial services industry is an important contributor to the UK economy, and London is the world’s largest financial center alongside New York. Mukund Mudras, co-founder says they are bullish about UK operations and have entered the space with an eye on entering and serving neighboring markets like Germany and France.

Alongside old products Heckyl will also launch their big data financial analytics platform – FIND for customers in UK. FIND which stands for Financial in News and Data is a trademarked platform that will be targeted at companies dealing in hedge funds or PE investments and can provide traders the information on stock prices and fundamentals.

While Heckyl continues to grow and will expand into newer markets, Mukund says they expect UK and Europe to be among the top markets to contribute to their growth.

Started by four ex-bankers in 2010, Heckyl is a TechSparks 2011 winner and currently serves over 20 clients in India. The startup also raised a $3.5 million Series A funding round recently.



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