Make a career head start with LinkedIn for Volunteers portal


Volunteering is an altruistic activity and is intended to promote good or improve human quality of life, according to Wikipedia. In return, this activity can produce a feeling of self-worth and respect even when there is no financial gain involved for the individual. We believe the same. Volunteering is a selfless act which should be pursued by everyone for the good of society. About a week ago, LinkedIn introduced a portal to access volunteering positions in various fields.LinkedIn did a survey in the US and the results showed that volunteering is valued quite highly by organisations.

  • 41% of hiring managers consider volunteer work equally as valuable as paid work experience when evaluating candidates.
  • 20% of them agree they have hired a candidate because of their volunteer work experience.
  • Unemployed people who volunteer are 27% more likely to be hired than people who do not volunteer.

Tarun Bharadwaj founder of Fuccha, an online magazine, says that if he has to choose between two people he would definitely go for someone who has volunteer work experience because he/she is more dedicated towards work. He also adds that people with volunteer experience have a desire to learn new things, to improve their skills and to help the organization without any monetary motivation.

Studies in social sciences say that volunteering and happiness are directly related. Besides that, for admitting quality applicants, world-class universities prefer students who show an inclination towards community service. Anupum Pant, who leads AweSci, says, ”Volunteering adds to your karma points.”

Hrithik Roshan in Asia’s first shoppable hangout held recently had said, “The best service, according to me, is the service to the people.”

Prukalpa Sankar, who leads SocialCops, says this is an amazing initiative by LinkedIn, adding that this move will bring more NGOs in India online.

When we last checked there were only three positions as of now on LinkedIn but it is hopeful that soon new NGOs will join the initiative to gain a global exposure. There are numerous other websites like United Nations, Ashoka, VSO India which provide legitimate volunteering opportunities in India.

Volunteering brings you the following karma points:

  • When you volunteer, you not only help others, you also make friends. And these friends will always stand by your side helping you. The startup ecosystem is all about helping others when in need and people are always ready to help you back.
  • It helps you explore your potential and gives a test run of your skills. You showcase your talents to your peers and in case you do good work you receive a lot of appreciation which might lead to getting you a job offer.
  • You work devoid of mental stress unlike in a paid job where you are required to deliver numbers, facts and figures. At the end of the day you feel satisfied and that is the best prize you can take back home.


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