Make heads turn. Look good, feel better


When some people enter a room all heads turn to look at them. They seem to dress effortlessly, look confident and healthy. Sometimes it makes you wonder how they do it. Maybe they have tons of money, a personal shopper (yes it does help) or some are just born that way…

But trust me most of the time they are just following some basic rules –

1.  Dress for yourself – To do that you have to know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. You should wear something that makes you happy but that doesn’t mean you should be inconsiderate towards situations or people. For example, wearing running shoes to a job interview or wearing the LBD (little black dress) when going to meet your grandma in a small town. When you are dressed right for the occasion and audience, it boosts your confidence.

2.  Decide what to wear – What you want to wear requires some planning so you can avoid last minute stress. Decide on a few looks that look good on you so you don’t waste time experimenting when in a hurry.

3.  Dress according to your personality – Know who you are, not what others want to see you as. Dressing according to your personality oozes self confidence that inspires others.

4.  Reality check – Looking good doesn’t mean that you have to hurt your body. I truly believe that looking good is all about feeling good too. This will make you feel less stressed and give you energy and strength to deal with other things that life throws at you. Thus it is important to do a reality check and review your fashion choices.

In the coming weeks, HerStory grooming expert, Babita Jaishankar, will share many tips for working professionals looking for advice. Stay tuned for lessons in grooming! 


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