Manusis platform helps startups deploy ecommerce and mobile stores quickly


Ecommerce is one of the hottest sectors in India currently sprouting more and more startups. Competition is therefore high here, and small and medium enterprises in the race need technology solutions that are efficient and also economical. Gurgaon-based Manusis Technologies attempts to meet these requirements.It takes anything between two and six months for an SME to develop, test and optimise an ecommerce solution. “Using our platform, the same functionality can be implemented in 2-4 days,” Rajiv Kumar, CEO and Founder, Manusis Technologies, tells YourStory. A typical SME needs a team of 2-4 developers for hosting, customization, SEO optimization and mobile readiness of their ecommerce site. “Our platform takes care of all those elements, thus saving the startup about INR 1.5 to 5 Lakhs, depending on the size of their business and assuming average salary of Rs 40,000 for an ecommerce developer,” says Rajiv.

Expansion of mobile ecommerce

Manusis Technologies provides a wide range of “secured, highly manageable, scalable web development services” including mobile application development, cloud deployments and multimedia development to clients in India and the US. They also offer portfolio services, including social network sites, e-commerce sites, web portals and CMS-based sites.

Rajiv says: “Due to the expansion of both online and mobile e-commerce, we see a huge demand from SMEs for easy to use and economically viable e-commerce platforms. There are not many players in the market catering to this segment.”

Online ecosystem for merchants

Besides a monthly subscription model for their platform, they plan to sell secondary services like online marketing, social media marketing, SEO and design services to clients. “Gradually, we want to become a one-stop shop for all the technical and marketing needs of our clients. We also want to leverage our mobile first architecture to create mobile stores for our clients as premium services. We are also exploring the option to partner with sellers on a profit-sharing model.”

Rajiv gave YourStory an example of how SMEs could use their solutions: “A wholesale brand in cereals and pulses uses our platform to sell their products online as well to manage the sales and inventory of their franchises. Our platform provides an ecosystem for the merchants to manage their products, orders, inventory and customers. It is also integrated with the leading payment gateways and logistics providers.”Manusis has solutions that perform consistently in both domestic and international markets, he added.

The back story

Before starting Manusis Technologies, 36-year-old Rajiv had worked for 15 years in the IT software industry with companies like Tata Infotech, ST Microelectronics, HCL Technologies, E-Trade Financial, Oracle, Waterfall Mobile and Tavant Technologies in the US. His expertise has been in handling technical architecture and design projects.

But the entrepreneurial itch was compelling. So he quit his job in 2011, moved back to Gurgaon and started up Manusis with a compact team of engineers. They are all set to launch another product in the international market by the second quarter of 2014.


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