Mobile Application Development in India [INFO-GRAPHICS]


We know that Mobile application development has progressed amazingly well in the global ecosystem. With Android and iOS already in market, the new players like Mozilla and Ubuntu are creating a niche for themselves in this development. We at YourStory bring you the findings of the Mobile App Developer Survey – 2013 done by

The major findings in this report are,

1. Three quarters of app developers have been in the industry for less than three years, thus making this a young, but growing industry

2. App developers who enter this business primarily adopt the Android OS. Once they gain foothold, they start embracing other platforms.

3. Digitization and monetization of apps are two of biggest challenges faced by app developers.

4. Independent developers happen to focus more on the Entertainment category, multimedia apps and games. While business and finance is the most outsourced category to an app development services company.



5. Since social media integration allows deeper engagement and brand amplification of the app, 90 per cent of app developers are exploring ways to achieve that.


Do tell us about any interesting mobile application startups and independent developers.


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