SwagEasy lets you create a store and start selling on your own website


Akhil Aryan has entrepreneurship in his DNA. Starting up his first company while still a teenager and going on to co-found Ion Education, he has been battling out for a good amount of time now. Currently based in the US, recognizing the opportunity in enabling eCommerce, he came up with SwagEasy- an easy way to add an eCommerce store to a website.

“Having moved to San Francisco just 7 months ago after an exit from my previous start-up in Mumbai; I have successfully overcome my mild Indian Accent for it to become audible & understandable to the investors in San Francisco,” shared Akhil in a light vein over the first email interaction. He has been able to go out and get angel funding from Smart Start Fund and get together a good engineering team of 6 with folks from Oxford and Cambridge University.

Team Swageasy

“SwagEasy was an idea that came naturally to me. Frighteningly ambitious you may call it; but our product is the easiest way to add a e-commerce store to your website. We enable anybody to launch a custom ‘store’ on their blog/website in under 60 seconds,” says Akhil. A demo over a video call proved this claim. SwagEasy takes care of Payment Processing, Orders Management and Shipping as well.

There are big players like Shopify, Gumroad, etc and more close to home like BuildaBazaar and Zepo but Swageasy's vision is a ‘Store’ on every single website in the world. “We want to enable non-profits, corporations, musicians, artists, startups and individuals to distribute/sell physical and digital goods online,” says Akhil. Instamojo is another powerful product that enables people to sell online.

SwagEasy has a beautiful interface and is doing a closed beta for a small set of early signups in January. Sign up for it.


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