Tweetface, a new app to post longer tweets


If you have ever felt constrained because of the 140 character word limit on Twitter, here’s some good news. Delhi-based startup Tweetface has developed a work-around that helps you tweet longer. We already know of tools like Tall Tweets, Long Tweets, Tweet Longer, etc. So what's new you ask? We posed the same question to Sukhminder Singh, co-founder, Tweetface. He said Tweetface allows you to put out as much as you want on the tweet. So now you can write an article, opinion on an issue, add pictures, PDF's, Excel files, Word documents -- whatever you want to the tweet.

Tweetface interface

On submitting a post on Tweetface, there will be an option to send the post both to Facebook/Twitter. The entire long post written by the author gets saved in a database and will be tweeted and/or status updated on Twitter/Facebook in the form of a short URL link back in the original post. Technically on your twitter feed, it is still 140 characters that get posted. But what goes out there is handled by Tweetface and you need not worry about the word length. Another difference, says Sukhminder is the option to browse all your posts, pictures, videos on a single dashboard. There is more flexibility on the file size of multimedia you can load as well. Tweetface also enables you to tweet in formatted text and see all that you have ever tweeted to date in one place.

“Everything that a user has ever done on Twitter is in front of him, like a blog post. Tweets, pictures, interactions, comments – everything,” says Sukhminder.

Sukhminder Singh

He claims that most users for Tweetface are from the US because of the popularity of the platform in that country. The product has been around for over two years and it was a soft launch. Tweetface is available on Google Play store and has been downloaded 5,000 times. However, the platform has over 40,000 users who engage with it – 66% of them do it on a regular basis.

A well-known user of the platform is actor Amitabh Bachchan, who has periodically used the platform for posting his messages.

The app is a free for download, and Sukhminder plans to keep it so in the near future. Plans are afoot to develop the iOS version of it soon. “The basic app will always be free. We have plans to create a premium version of the product which will have more features and things for users to engage with,” he says.

Gurender Bedi

Sukhminder has been working on Tweetface and another product EventAway – an entity in the education domain for couple of years. EventAway can help companies integrate email marketing within the application, build buzz about an event, inspire viral sharing, do signups of attendees, post event activities and brand building. “EventAway is running in five countries and selected cities in EU. We are looking for investors so that we can market and position our products in the global market,” he says.

Sukhminder is a software consultant and still has some consultancy commitments on hand which he plans to wrap up soon to look after his startup ventures full time. His consultancy earnings are fuelling his startup ambitions. Gurender Philip Bedi is Sukhminder’s partner. He is also a software engineer and a software consultant in London. “I love building new things and have built many things as an engineer. Through Tweetface and EventAway I am now building something of my own,” he says.


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