Secret Uber cabs spotted in Chennai


Earlier this morning, secret Ubers were spotted across Chennai, marking Uber’s entry to India’s fourth city. The other three cities are Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad. On-demand car service company Uber has announced its soft launch in Chennai by offering India’s very own Formula One racer Karun Chandhok a ride in a BMW 5 Series from his doorstep.

Uber promises to provide an efficient transportation service and to make the city more accessible for its residents.

The news comes as no surprise; we’ve speculated previously saying the next launch will be either Mumbai or Chennai. The service, which operates in 67 cities worldwide, is expected to launch in Mumbai next.

The app allows people to request a lift and arrange for a pick-up at any location in Chennai by connecting with a pool of drivers, and is currently in its testing phase in the city.

The official blog says: Over the next few weeks, Uber will be in “secret testing mode” in Chennai; availability will be limited but we will be working hard to make more cars available whenever you want them and wherever you need them. 

One of the coolest features of the app is it allows users to share their ETA with their friends and family once they’ve boarded the car at the press of a button. The friend/family member gets a text message with a unique link giving them information about the car’s precise location in real time, driver’s name and car details. The other person doesn’t need to be an Uber user to receive this information.

Also split fare feature will be integrated in the offering. ‘Split Fare’ is when you are riding with friends or colleagues and want to split the fare. It’s as simple as just pressing a button. You can share the bill for any ride you take.

For YourStory readers, Uber is offering a promo code – "YSCHENNAI" Insert the code under “Promotion” in your Uber app to enjoy two free rides up to Rs. 300 each! Offer is valid only in Chennai for new Uber users till 1st of March 2014.


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