VMC tech’s flagship product MCube offers cloud telephony solution


Sundeep Misra is the CEO and co-founder of VMC Technologies which delivers a virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) ecosystem to enable organizations, their customers and employees to easily connect regardless of location and device. Before starting VMC, Sundeep was a VP at Goldman Sachs both in the US and India with 22 plus years of technology and global management experience.

Sundeep came back to India from US in 2007 and having worked there for 15 years he observed that telephones were the primary means of communication for any business and most work was completed while communicating over the phone. On the other hand, when he returned to India he had to call for several services and it was not effective. He grasped this pain-point and explored his opportunity in India. He says, “Most of the time either I could not reach the business or I reached the wrong person and was given another number to communicate.”

In late 2010, his company started communicating with real estate businesses to understand how they tracked inbound calls coming from the advertisements they gave in newspapers. Surprisingly they found that the real estate businesses did not have a system in place to track their leads effectively. That’s when they decided to do a prototype and offered it to some real estate companies. “They loved the prototype. This convinced us that the opportunity was real. This allowed me to leave my job at Goldman Sachs and we embarked on the journey of cloud based telephony solution that would solve the problems we observed,” says Sundeep, adding, “our primary objective was to keep the costs low so the product can be sold to potential 30 million buyers across the country”.

MCube is their flagship cloud telephony solution which helps businesses to improve productivity. Their solution helps businesses attend calls 24x7 irrespective of their location and manage the data about their clients at a lower expenditure. This eliminates all limitations associated with a manned PBX system and offers advanced functionality like instant pickup, easy to navigate IVRS, multi-level call routing, automatic call log maintenance, call recording and call tracking. “MCube business can easily stay mobile yet connected to clients and maintain a track of all incoming calls” says Sundeep.

This product comes handy to all the service oriented businesses with mobile workforce, distributed work environments, businesses without branded numbers that connects all employees with single number across healthcare, auto, retail, real estate, education, entertainment, and recruitment industries. With VMC, businesses can benefit by bringing disparate pieces of voice communication under one service for a seamless deployment, on demand provisioning and real time management.

Talking about their competition in this space, Sundeep says “There is some competition from Knowlarity, Exotel, Ozonetel and few other small players; however, MCube is different from the competition. Our USP is very simple; we look at cloud telephony as a business enabler. Our solution helps our clients improve their productivity. To this effect we offer lead management, support management, community management and other integrated applications”.

With MCube communication platform, even SMEs and startups can effectively manage, track and distribute incoming calls to right people at the right time at an affordable cost. Until this, solutions were available only to very large corporations and they always had advantage over smaller businesses.

You can check out more about VMC Technologies here.


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