These 11 Amazon-inspired news headlines will dazzle you [Humor]


So, we are sure many of you have read that Amazon wants to send you stuff even before you’ve decided to buy it. This idea is called ‘anticipatory shipping’.

We started to do some ‘fact’ digging of our own and surprisingly, we found that this is not at all a new idea. Read on to be dazzled.

1. VC funds entrepreneur even before he pitches his idea


Yes. A currency-agnostic VC who showers you with yellow sticky notes.

2. IIMs announce shortlist even before they conduct CAT


Reaction of General Male Engineers everywhere.

3. Sir Ravindra Jadeja walks back to pavillion even before he walks to the field


Ok. I am sorry. Sri Sri 108 Sir Ravindra Jadeja.

4. Arvind Kejriwal stages dharna in front of EC office, even before the elections are conducted


What? A 'Dharna' against this post!

5. Arnab demands an answer even before he asks the question


I am outta here.

6. Techie starts to look to switch jobs even before he gets the joining letter


7. Rohit Shetty movie grosses 500Cr even before the shooting begins


Shut up and watch this.

8. Person gets confirmed Tatkal ticket even before he opens up IRCTC website


A non-Indian with a Macbook. Surely he must be buying a tatkal ticket!

9. Twitter uses predictive intelligence to tweet even before a user has started typing


Well, a few folks sure could use this.

10. Google takes over unknown planet from other galaxy, even before it is discovered

Actually, this one is quite a possibility. Read this article.

11. Kids start dropping out of college even before enrolling into kindergarten


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What similar news piece do you see yourself coming up with? Do comment below.