Google launches Google Capital to invest in growth stage companies


Google has been investing in startups and acquiring companies at a phenomenal rate and terabytes have been written about Google's dominance. Google has been investing in startups via Google Ventures and today, the behemoth has launched Google Capital. The main difference is that Google Ventures invests in early stage companies while Google Capital will invest in growth stage companies.

Google writes on its blog, "We’ll be looking to invest in companies solely as they hit their growth phase. That means finding companies that have already built a solid foundation and are really ready to expand their business in big ways." Google Capital has already invested in SurveyMonkey, Lending Club and Renaissance Learning.

Google's portfolio companies will have abundant access to the talent, passion and strategic expertise of some of Google’s technology and product leaders. "While many investors may contribute money and advice to the companies they support, Google Capital is going beyond that and tapping into our greatest assets: our people," they write.

Google has come a long way and they believe it’s still very early with respect to investing- "We’re excited about what we’re doing today—but even more excited to see what happens in the years to come."

Closer to home, Google also announced that it is hosting a two-day workshop in Bangalore to create Android applications in local languages. The next 300 million Internet users in India won't use English. That's why we're working on enabling the Internet in Indian languages, which is the key to driving growth," said Google managing director Rajan Anandan said in the statement.

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