Bring Your Own Device trend gets a boost with Miradore's free solution on the cloud


European technology company Miradore, which describes itself as pioneers in supporting the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, has just launched a new cloud-based solution for mobile device management (MDM). This will help companies manage the increasing number of mobile devices used by their employees. And the good news is that it's free.

This solution supports BYOD policies by allowing companies to manage the security settings and configurations of all mobile devices that handle sensitive company information, and it also keeps an up-to-date inventory of the devices. With this product – the "first service provider-grade, cloud-based solution in the market," according to the makers – Miradore has entered into direct competition with Cisco's Meraki, another free cloud solution. Startups leveraging the BYOD trend will be looking to the cloud, and Miradore has shown one way forward.

Fuelling BYOD

The key highlight of the Miradore MDM solution is how it tackles the security concern around the BYOD trend. With more and more companies worlwide allowing and even encouraging employees to use their own computing devices at work, questions on how to protect sensitive company data was top priority. Using MDM, companies can secure important data through features like remote "lock and wipe", which disables a stolen or lost device remotely.

Lately, the BYOD trend has been gathering steam but it was Steve Jobs who created the phenomenon. With the iPhone and iPad, Apple brought about what is now being called one of the biggest shifts in enterprise history: BYOD. This hurt Microsoft and the whole PC ecosystem, including HP and Dell, as companies no longer think they can dictate what tech tools their employees can use. Gartner, Inc. noted that by 2013, 33% of businesses worldwide had adopted a smartphone BYOD policy, and 47% had a tablet policy. Retail, services, health, education and banking are the early adopters of the trend. They concluded that by 2020, BYOD will be the global norm.

Who is Miradore?

Started in 2006 by three techies who were working with global paper giant UPM, Miradore Ltd focusses on managing diverse IT environments while supporting BYOD policies. The company is headquartered in Finland and has sales and support organizations in multiple locations throughout Europe, APAC (Asia-Pacific) and South America.Their solution is used by Fujitsu, Dimension Data and other leading IT organizations.

The company had raised $1.5million funding with its offerings that support the entire IT lifecycle, including purchasing, installation, maintenance, replacement and retiring devices – eliminating a large share of manual IT management work.

The Miradore MDM solution will be delivered from the Miradore cloud in Finland. Announcing the launch, Miradore’s CEO, Marko Ruusinen, said: “We are happy to announce the first free service-provider-grade MDM solution, which can be implemented in just a few minutes. Every organization needs to manage its mobile devices and now there is an easy option to do so, regardless of the size or the type of organization.”

Miradore has end customers in 30 countries, and aims to have over a million IT devices managed by their MDM solution by the year 2015.

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