Everyone's private driver in Mumbai - Secret Ubers Spotted


Uber is a luxury transportation facilitator company that sends a driver to a user on-demand, with a touch of a button. Now they have quietly started operating in Mumbai, their 5th city in India. Uber’s Indian expansion shows no signs of slowing. We've confirmed that Uber soft launched in the city of Mumbai today. Uber’s aggressive global expansion has exploded bringing the service to 74 cities world wide. We’ve written about the other transportation service OlaCab when they started their Mumbai operation in January.

As Uber’s sleek cars start making rounds in heavy Mumbai traffic, word got around faster than the Uber’s drivers. Pretty soon, a whole lot of Mumbaikars were racing to grab that coveted Rider Zero spot! And yeah YS readers we’ve a promo code for you. If you would like to take Uber for a spin.

The official blog says:

Mumbai – Maximum City, India’s financial capital, the city of millions of hopes and dreams, home of the great Sachin Tendulkar, Bollywood’s playground, known for its dabbawallas, pav bhaji, cutting chai, vada pav, Bambaiya-Hindi, super-prime real estate, ever-optimistic spirit and non-pretentious chilled-out-ness amongst other strokes that paint this masterpiece of a city – woke up to news of secret Ubers roaming the streets.

Bollywood had a ‘dhamakedaar’ entrance with Mr. India, Anil Kapoor himself making a swashbuckling Jai Singh Rathod (India’s answer to Jack Bauer) appearance out of nowhere to grab the first Uber at his Juhu residence. Within minutes of him pressing the button that so many people love, Mahendra appeared curbside in a stately BMW 7-Series that scurried the Slumdog Millionaire star off to his latest shoot at Filmcity.

Hello Your Story readers in Mumbai! You can enter 'YSMumbai' into the Uber app; you can get Rs.500 off of your first ride. This is for new users only, within Mumbai, and expires on March 21st. The other India city that has witnessed secret Ubers recently is Chennai. 


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