SaaS-based DIY e-commerce platform PowerStores launches its 2.0 version


Goa-based PowerStores, a SaaS-based DIY ( Do-It-Yourself) e-commerce and website platform has launched its new version which enables merchants to customize stores’ theme completely using its theme language called FLUID. With this, merchants can get rid of cookie cutter themes offered by most of the SaaS-based platforms.

“PowerStores 2 is all about an easier, friendly experience building your store. We redesigned every aspect of the platform and experience of how a merchant sets up, scales and manages a store on daily basis,” says Cory York, co-founder, Powerstores. The revamped version is about flexibility for merchants who want to create a unique experience for their customers and mobile shopping enablement for shoppers who prefer to shop on the go.

Besides web-based themes, the company has also launched nine mobile-responsive free themes with complete access to the HTML and CSS through its Fluid markup language. Merchants can create stores even from their mobile phone as the signup is completely responsive and fits all screen sizes.“With existing SaaS-based DIY platforms merchants have to stick to their layouts or themes and if they want to customize merchants need to wait in line for their own services team to do it for them. However, with PowerStores merchants can grab a local html designer and get started,” adds Cory.

Founded in late 2011 by Cory York and Indrajit Chowdhury, PowerStores was started from the revenue generated by SociaLinked (complete story). So far the company had enabled over $6 million of sales through the platform via 500 active merchants across India, USA and Canada.

The company had raised $2 million from unnamed international investors in July last year. “The raised fund really allowed us to grow the team and up our game entirely,” reveals Cory.

With multiple players like Infibeam’s Build a bazaar, Zepo, Shopify and Martjack among others operating in the e-commerce enabling space, it seems the space is getting crowded. But Cory disagrees, he points out, “We are getting more signups than we can handle and are surely not feeling the pinch of competition. There is no comparison when it comes to what you can do with PowerStores vs Zepo and Buildabazaar.”