Baroda-based HealthRecordsIndia sets out to make a patient-centric product for Indian healthcare


Healthcare is a high impact space for startups to disrupt and there have been many Indian companies which have entered the fray. HealthRecordsIndia (HRI) is one such effort which tries to solve the problem of maintaining healthcare records by looking at the problem from the patient’s point of view. “Most of the times, a product is designed keeping the doctor in mind. This doesn't really solve the problem for a patient because his/her records will be lying with different management systems,” says Harshil Rawal, VP of Strategy at HRI.The company was launched in January 2014 after some solid months of research. The initial idea came to Saurabh Panchal who is a Master of Surgery and Assistant Professor. He is the mentor and the idea is being executed on the ground by his brother Siddharth Panchal (who has a background in IT) along with Harshil. “We really think that the medical records management of Indians can be much better than what it is today,” says Siddharth.

Once a patient signs up, HRI arranges for a pick up of the documents. “We have signed up with FedEx and the security standards are equivalent to those being used to deliver the Indian Passport. We collect the records, digitize, optimize, organize and give alerts to the patient,” says Harshil. In the first two months of operations in Baroda, the company has got more than 500 people to sign up and are trying out more ways to get better traction.

HRI is focused on the Indian customer and is also optimized for use through mobile. Once the dashboard is populated with the initial records, a user can login and add or edit records. “ is a Cloud-based solution that collects, digitises, optimises any type of medical records (prescriptions, X-rays, ECG, CT Scans etc.) and stores them in a secure and easy-to-access way,” says Harshil. These records can also be shared with the doctors whenever the need arises. In their next phase, they intend to take the B2B route.

Allizhealth is one such startup which is trying out a similar model with signs of progress. For consumers, there are more popular startups like Practo, Savetime, etc which help patients find doctors around them. For doctors, products like Quicli, a clinic management solution, and venture-backed Klinify are trying to make doctors more technology savvy and simplify their life.

HealthRecordsIndia is completely bootstrapped and is a seven-member team with four people in the operations team. They have recently been the Asia finalists in the TiE International Business Plan of the Year. The company may need to move to a bigger city to get the initial user adoption and validate the hypothesis.


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