Wanna customize your gadgets? Try Foxmybox


Over the past decade, customization has been the buzzword as individuals look to differ from others in terms of style and appearance. Be it apparel, hairstyle or electronic devices, everyone wants to be different. But in case you own an iPhone, how can you differentiate from other iPhone users? Don't fret here comes the Delhi-based Foxmybox which lets you make your electronic devices more appealing than the standard colours offered by the original manufacturers.

Foxmybox is an innovative company set to establish itself at the forefront of the luxury communications and technology industry. “Our services are creative and fashionable, giving our clients something unique that sets them apart. With our expertise, as well as our use of the finest products, we specialize and provide a service that will impress and satisfy even the most distinguished tastes,” says Ankush Khera, Founder & CEO, Foxmybox.

It’s the only company in India that empowers the user to personalize/brand their tech like never before. The company uses high end paints with a scratch resistant liquid plastic coating for a premium custom paint job. Foxmybox offers a wide range of colors to choose from, be it a solid or a metallic color, completing the box with either a matte or gloss finish.

How it works?

Designing the device: Foxmybox does a complete colour analysis to understand what shade or colour combination works best for the customer. “This step is crucial as it’s a permanent paint job and cannot be changed later,” adds Ankush. Once confirmed on the analysis and design, the startup takes between four to seven days depending on the complexity of the design or artwork.

Disassemble and painting: Once the box is disassembled, all parts are compartmentalized and cleaned for optimal working, as dust collection always affects the functioning. Then the device is hand sprayed with a primer, base coat and followed by four to six hours of resting period. Once painted, it is rested for 12 hours to ensure it dries thoroughly and evenly. “We also hand spray and apply a thin coat of special paint sealant making it scratch resistant,” points out Ankush.

Assembly and delivery: The box is sent back to the production area for reassembly and testing.

Foxmybox largely caters to individual customers who would like customized electronics which display their personalities. Besides phone, tab and laptop, it also customizes wall designs, murals and interior colour decor, including LCDs, media players among several others.

Pricing is based on the customization of the product with its respective need of change in colour, pattern and design. “We will provide high quality paint job with matt and gloss finish for individual customers and corporate customers as per requirements. Revenue will be generated from all these sources by selling our service to them and exploring new markets,” adds Ankush.

Competition & road ahead

At present, custom design service with a luxury finish is not easily available in India. The only other company which does similar work is Colorware, an American company, founded in 2000. Colorware has established its grounds in the US, and is trying to capture markets like Australia, Hong Kong, Qatar and Singapore via retail partnership.

Besides the above, Foxmybox also plans to provide accessories. “We are still very young to even mention challenges. Right now we have just started walking and hope we cover a long distance with memorable clients,” adds Ankush.