YS Exclusive with Guy Kawasaki on his upcoming book and advice to startups at SXSW


YourStory caught up with Guy Kawasaki - author, speaker, investor and business advisor at SXSW for this exclusive interview on his new upcoming book the revised version of The Art of the Start which was written 10 years ago before the cloud, crowd and social phenomenon. Here's the video of Guy Kawasaki's interview with Murray Newlands of YourStory

Excerpt of the interview

Guy shares the main premise of the second book is to provide an in-depth insights into how to start a company and to have everything related to that in one place for people based on his silicon valley experiences over the years.

For upcoming startups and entrepreneurs Guy advices the best way to progress it to build quick prototypes and experiment with that rather than to worry about pitching, planning and forecasting. Make the product and solution as easy to use, and easy it to try it out and then blast it out leveraging social media for maximum reach. This is what Eric Ries would call Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - and iterate on it as fast as possible. The concept of MVP is not to ship as fast as possible, but to ship with something that you can test and analyse scientifically so that you can constantly evolve.