How to Make It As An Entrepreneur: Advice From Joel Comm


Becoming a successful entrepreneur is no easy task, and few who try their hand at it succeed in the ways that Joel Comm has. From website development to blogging and social media marketing, Joel has found a way to turn many of his passions into profitable companies over the years, making a name for himself as a pioneering businessman and unstoppable entrepreneur.

In a recent interview from South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, Murray Newlands from YourStory had the opportunity to interview Joel about entrepreneurship, asking him to share his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and give his tips on how to be successful in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are the key takeaways from the interview:

  • Joel's first and most important piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to have a big dream. He says that without vision and passion that success will be fleeting. Joel explains that the products or companies that experience the most success come as a result of passion, talent, skill, and desire to bring something positive to the world and that without a sense of drive to accomplish something that's truly important to you, it will be extremely difficult to find success.
  • Joel says that products or companies that are just in it for the money rarely succeed. He suggests that the most profitable companies often succeed because they find a way to turn things that they're passionate about into a product or service that is profitable in some way. An example he gives is an online game platform that he built as a hobby which was eventually acquired by Yahoo! and turned into Yahoo! Games. While the project initially started out as a labor of love, it quickly turned into a profitable business for Joel and was successful because it was something he truly enjoyed working on.
  • Later in the interview, Joel shares his advice for growing a fan base once you've created a company or a product. He explains that the most important step in the process is just getting started and not being discouraged by external factors or even by yourself to execute your vision. Joel says that the number one reason why entrepreneurs fail is because they never get started.

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