Mera Test Bazaar: an online education and test prep marketplace


Online content creation and test prep company Mytestbuddy recently launched Mera Test Bazaar, an online education and test prep marketplace for students and teachers. This will enable any teacher in any part of the country to create an online course in 8+ regional languages, and students can study the same on any tech device.

Kaizad Hansotia, CMO of Mytestbuddy, said, “Essentially Mytestbuddy has tried to create a knowledge sharing marketplace integrated with an educational social learning platform where students can connect with new skills and passions to learn anything, anytime, anywhere and teachers/publishers or experts can make money online sharing their expertise. In certain cases depending on the teacher, it could even be FREE of cost.”

The current offering of regional languages includes Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Kannada. Kaizad says, “The marketplace launch aims to strengthen Mytestbuddy’s position as an Educational Social learning network. Here students can study about almost any topic whether in English or in eight different regional Indian languages and teachers can create a course or an online class related to any subject, take tests, conduct exams/quizzes, assess their grades and keep a track on the student’s progress. Plus we have imbibed gamification technology features in our platform to make the learning process much more fun and livelier for the students. This technology helps in better communication and understanding between the student-teacher communities.”

To start with, Plancess EduSolutions, the interactive and social JEE course library, has shared its contents on the marketplace. Kaizad is hopeful that others will follow and the current count of 14 listings on Mera Test Bazaar will go up soon. He added, “The MOOC revolution is an external phenomena but nobody has capitalized on regional languages yet. An Indian touch will cater to the needs of Indians more effectively.”Mytestbuddy is now an eight-member team with four techies, one graphics designer and one dedicated resource for data. Revenues are growing at a robust 15-20% MoM fueled by over 30% MoM growth rate of customers. In the future, Mera Test Bazaar and Mytestbuddy will have added gamification modules/features targeting advanced level interactive learning methodologies for students. They also plan to take their germinator program ahead. This program revolves around social learning network of students pursuing IT/computer science with an idea of developing a tech product. Mytestbuddy provided pre-incubation services to such students from 20+ colleges.

In the last two years, MytestBuddy had created a strong social network of 60,000+ students and 100+ teachers for competitive exams like JEE, NEET and GMAT. With the launch of this marketplace, students will get an additional 50+ courses on different topics to study and more than 50+ test prep publishers to choose from for their exam preparations. This removes the hassle of going to various websites and choosing the best online course that suit their learning interests as well as budget costs.