[YS Lounge] An ode to the entrepreneurial spirit


When a new idea began to take hold

Others muttered, ‘just do as you are told’

Stick to the proven path taken all the time

Don’t simply digress; for no reason or rhyme


They say many have cruelly fallen by the side

Unable to recognize the subtle change of tide

Taking the offbeat road is not the course for all

The cynics lie in wait; ever eager to watch you fall


Pursuing your business dream is always a lonely trail

You will frequently knock on doors, often to no avail

Selling your conceptevery step, can be an exhausting drive

But for some reason, nothing ever made you feel as much alive


Every small victory beats to the loud applause of your heart

For there is no one else around, you are only making a start

But you dream of the time when others will share the weight

And your office will come alive, with the sounds of lively debate


Time loses all its meaning, weekends hold fancy no more

All you can think of is, ‘what has been this month’s score?’

Your pursuit becomes your hobby; nothing else is on your mind

However far you venture, you always feel you are two steps behind


Your friends proudly flaunt their massive salary pay slips

Translating into swanky villas, fancy cars and incessant world trips

You smile, because you feel you can glimpse the picture as a whole

You are still the captain of your ship, and the master of your soul


One day will surely dawn, when things will fall in place

One day you will feel,quite the lord of time and space

The voyage to that port, is now the very life of your story

Of courage, talent and passion; and the quest for elusive glory


About the author

Vinay Kanchan is an independent trainer in the art of creative thinking, and a brand ideation consultant. He is also the author of ‘The Madness Starts at 9’. He can be contacted at vinaykanchan5@gmail.com


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