RidingO launches Impact Initiative to encourage carpooling in Electronic City


While Bangalore has more IT parks in the country than any other city, Electronic City still accounts for the biggest concentration of software engineers than any other business park. As a result it becomes inevitable for those who commute to that part of the city to spend a big chunk of their time in traffic, leading to stress and hypertension. In response to a tweet by Nandan Nilekani as part of his election campaign, RidingO teamed up with Electronic City Association (ELCIA) to come up with the Impact Initiative to start a carpooling campaign in Electronic City.

Ms Rama NS, CEO of ELCIA said,

“Today commute to work is more challenging than the work itself. To me carpool means I can drive less, make friends, save more, work while not driving, less traffic on the road, lower pollution, less parking issues and a stress-free ride. I also feel less guilty as I am consuming less resources belonging to the future generation.”

The campaign started on 11th March and in the last 10 days over 1000 people have registered with RidingO in their efforts to make commute to work a better experience.

Nandan Nilekani has appreciated them for their efforts. “The average time people of Bangalore spend on the road, in traffic, is 30 minutes. The more we carpool, the fewer the cars, and more time and fuel money we will save. It will also help the planet. Every bit we do to reduce the pollution our city experiences, counts.

The carpooling campaign by ELCIA and RidingO in Electronic City is appreciable in this regard and I would urge people to consider carpooling, especially when it is made easier through technology.”


Vardhan Koshal - co founder RidingO

The background story

Named as one of the Hottest Global Startups of 2013 by ‘Forbes’, RidingO is working hard to ease the commuting pains of Bangaloreans. They have partnered with the Bangalore Traffic Police to solve the woes of office goers in the city. It all started when Vardhan Koshal moved to Bangalore and was shocked by the attitude of most of the ‘autowallahs’.

“When traveling in an overpriced auto, I looked around at those private cars suffocating the roads, and all I could notice was the empty seats in the car. Some must have been going my way. There has to be a way to fill those seats, I thought.”

Not the one to complain, Vardhan took it upon himself to solve the problem and worked on it for a year. RidingO was started in early 2013. They also have mobile app for Android in case you are looking to get a ride while on the move. They have also been accepted into the second batch of GSF accelerator.

Share a ride with RidingO.


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