Smartphone-based breathalyzer AlcoChange is all set to change your drinking habits


Anything in excess is bad, and when we are talking about alcohol it is good to know your limits. But how do you know when you are crossing yours? Be it domestic violence, absenteeism, drunken driving or liver cancer, alcohol plays a big role in all of them.

At every party, there is always one last peg which generally becomes the most dangerous of all and leads to disastrous results.

CyberLiver is a healthcare-based startup whose core area is to make sure you don't face any liver-based ailments. To achieve this they have come up with ‘AlcoChange’, a smartphone-based product to control drinking habits by helping you monitor your alcohol consumption.

The only time most of us have seen a breathalyzer is when we are asked to blow into it by traffic cops. AlcoChange is a cloud-based behavioral platform. The device is battery less and can be attached to a smartphone. It works with the help of an Android app (the app ‘AlcoChangeQS’ is available on Google Play Store).

YourStory caught up with Bharad PV, Co-Founder and CTO of CyberLiver, to find out more about AlcoChange and how is it planning to disrupt the healthcare sector.

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