Creates a Unique Platform for Researching People


In a recent interview from the Startup Grind conference in Mountain View, California, Perri Gorman from chats with Murray Newlands of YourStory about her experience in the startup world and what inspired her to build her latest company

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Originally, Perri was inspired to start after spending 13+ years in the executive search industry, she realized that there wasn’t a platform out there that made it easy to search for important industry people and learn about them personally. Perri describes as the “Evernote about people,” and allows you to “build digital dossiers about anyone, from anywhere on the web.”
  • Perri makes the distinction that when it comes to finding out about people online, it’s no longer about simply finding information, rather it’s about finding the relevant information about people that you need, and was built as the solution for doing that.
  • In regards to getting funding, Perri says that your network is important, especially in the beginning. Investors don’t just show up to your front door offering funding checks, but if you are able to prove to them that you have a network of people that support your product or business, the more likely they will be to support it as well. People want to see that new businesses and products are unique and that there are people who believe in their value, and being able to show that is the quickest route to receiving startup funding according to Perri.

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