Catalyzer announces startup 101 accelerator program for innovative early stage startups


Catalyzer, the new kid in the Indian startup accelerators block, is soliciting applications for launch of Startup 101 Accelerator Program.

Through a competitive process, Catalyzer Startup 101 Accelerator Program will select up to 10 teams to participate in the 101 days session. The last date for applications is May 5, 2014, for the inaugural session that begins June 8, 2014.

Yesterday YourStory wrote about the Catalyzer, an early stage Startup Accelerator based in Hyderabad, India. They work with prospective entrepreneurs through a mentorship driven accelerator program based on systems theory to facilitate accelerated learning through appropriate research methodology and data analysis.

Catalyzer accepts teams with innovative ideas and helps them grow by providing access to seed funding, office space, mentors (usually to entrepreneurs who have gone through the startup struggling phase), and connections to experts in industry, academia and investors -- resources startups otherwise struggle to find.

Catalyzer Startup Accelerator will host 10 startup teams in technology, non-technology and social enterprises for 101 days intensive mentorship program in Hyderabad from June 8, 2014.

Dr. Madhulika, Director of Catalyzer Startup Accelerator, says, “The dramatic reduction in the cost of starting a new business, especially in technology space has enabled the business community to address an increasingly broad range of opportunities. We’re excited to foster the next generation of innovators working in areas as diverse as agriculture, education, environment, healthcare, mobile & web apps, enterprise software and software-as-service. Catalyzer Startup 101 Accelerator Program will make it easier for these startups to validate and create applications and bring these solutions to market successfully.”

In addition to funding, technology access and mentorship, accelerator participants will have access to Catalyzer’s network partner support services, including financial modeling, forecasting, legal, technology transfer support and pitch preparation support. They will also receive perks from our partner networks in form of hosting, marketing, etc.

The Startup 101 Accelerator Program begins in June 2014 and will run through September for 101 days culminating in investors demo day at Catalyzer campus in Hyderabad.

Through the accelerator’s 101 days program, Catalyzer will provide invited participants with seed funding, technology & business guidance, including access to expert mentors from India & the US at its Hyderabad campus.

Sunil Mayreddy, Co-founder of Catalyzer, says, “As an organization that supports startup entrepreneurs across all stages of growth, we see the greatest need for guidance from mentors at the earliest stages. For this reason, we're excited to be partnering with mentors in India and the US in the launch of this accelerator program. We are hopeful that this will help provide the selected companies to identify the right opportunities and resources to continue along their development path and increase their likelihood of success.”

To apply, visit Catalyzer - Startup 101 Accelerator Program


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