CereBrahm: building a technology ecosystem to better engage hospitals and patients


Technology is changing the face of healthcare very rapidly. Imagine a scenario where a hospital helps new parents install an application on their phone which would track the growth of their child. The application would be able to guide the parents and give inputs about vaccination schedules or parenting tips so that they can bring up their child better. Yes, a bit of an intrusive thought at first but looking at the rise of nuclear families and the direction in which technology is taking the world, such processes would become part and parcel of life.CereBrahm is a Bangalore-based company that builds the entire healthcare ecosystem -- from the backend for the hospital to the consumer facing applications for patients. And this is just one use case. CereBrahm has applications in other domains like media, retail, etc but has begun with healthcare. It has five paying clients at the moment (four in healthcare like Motherhood and CloudNine, and one in luxury retail). To go deeper into the healthcare pediatrics for instance, there are two key products in play:

Cerebrate: Helps conduct surveys, collect and analyze customer feedback in real time. Mobile tablets replace the traditional paper based feedback forms to capture the data digitally and view the results instantly.

Cereberry: A suite of Personal Health Apps.

The company, CereBrahm Innovations Private Limited, was founded by two veterans in the space -- Bala Venkatachalam and Shubhashini Subramaniam -- in August 2012. Bala has over two decades of product development experience at SUN, GE, AOL & Ozone Media and still codes passionately while Shubha has 15+ years of experience at Netscape, SUN and GE. The duo got together to start up CereBrahm with the aim of narrowing the gap between businesses and their customers.

“Almost every business collects feedback from their customers, and from our personal experience we have seen several times that the businesses have not changed their ways even after that,” says Bala. The duo found that there are no well-defined processes, tools and support systems in place for soliciting and harnessing customer feedback and almost all businesses never get back to the customers to close the loop. CereBrahm was born with the desire and conviction to change that.

CereBrahm offers products through a SaaS model and for large enterprises, they offer a choice of in-house deployment or cloud hosting (cloud hosted services model for SMEs). “Depending on the size of the enterprise, we either charge them on a transaction basis with a minimum guarantee or a fixed-fee for unlimited transactions,” says Bala. CereBrahm has seen good traction with healthcare and has automobile and retail as two more of its core focus areas. “The market in India is very exciting; we see a lot of good opportunities here. We are very bullish about the Middle East and South East Asian markets and have plans to enter them soon,” says Bala.

In India, CereBrahm estimates the total market size – all three verticals put together -- to be $2 billion. CereBrahm is a team of eight at the moment. “Soon we’ll be setting up sales offices in other metros within India. We are actively talking with companies in Philippines and Middle East to market our solutions there as well,” says Bala. Cerebrahm is bootstrapped but is looking to raise about one million USD within the next three to six months to scale the business operation across verticals.

Website: CereBrahm


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