DigiBroc reimagining brochure distribution in the age of social media, by MeraEvents


Everything is moving online, so is your brochure. So far brochures have been able to stay analog in a digital world but not anymore. MeraEvents is hanging them on to the cloud so that you can have access to the electronic brochure while on the go. India’s largest event listing platform MeraEvents dedicated to all the events, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, and trade fairs today announced the launch of a new additional product DigiBroc, to simplify brochure distribution in the mobile age.

MeraEvents + DigiBroc

Imagine a common scenario. You attend an event, visit a stall and to receive a brochure. Because you have too many things to carry, some of the brochures end up in the trash bin until you realize that you need it to look up something. For a user this is one-stop shop to archive your entire brochures you may need one day but not necessarily use today. It is even easy to share with your friends and colleagues as opposed to clicking a picture of a flyer and sending as email attachment. For exhibitors, you’ll never run out of brochures at exhibitions. You can edit any last-minute corrections as opposed to dealing with the pain of re-printing whole set of your brochures, saving money and time. The DigiBroc analytics will let you know which attendee was interested in which product. So that you can respond to the existing need. MeraEvents shared with YourStory that organizations can upload one brochure for free for life time.

Four steps of DigiBroc

MeraEvents wants to change the way exhibitors today are delivering their sales collaterals, product information and other critical information that has always been printed in brochures. Digibroc wants to revolutionize this process by mobilizing catalogs and brochures and sending personalized brochures. At the end of the day it is a data play for exhibitors. They will be able to access analytics that will give them better understanding of their brochure reach. It helps exhibitor to know the details of the visitors who sought access to digital brochure and follow up further based on the visitor interests.

“DigiBroc is a smarter substitute to the traditional methods of information distribution. The physical copies of collaterals not only costs more in printing and shipping but eventually end up in dustbin rather than reviewed for the importance of the content. DigiBroc would revolutionize this process by mobilizing information by sending personalized catalogues, manuals, brochures based on user preferences. Thereby allows the exhibitors and organizations know exactly which product caught their leads’ interests,” said MeraEvent founder and CEO Naidu Darapaneni.

The company says it has embarked on an exciting plan of growth. Witnessed exponential 300% increase in revenue year after year. Currently, MeraEvent’s team of young, dynamic and dedicated professionals number 40 members spread across six major cities in India (Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Pune). Last year, YourStory wrote about the company when it launched MoozUP, to make events smart and paperless. Go sign up for DigiBroc and save the tree while increasing your efficiency.


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