Tips for International Startup Success: An Interview with Manoj Balraj


In another interview from the Startup Grind conference in Mountain View, California, video reporter Murray Newlands has an interesting conversation with Manoj Balraj of Experion.

In the interview, Manoj tells Murray the inspiring story of Experion’s introduction into the American marketplace and explains how his company was able to establish a loyal customer base in a country to which they had never been. Manoj explains to Murray that America is a unique and exciting place to do business for Experion because of the limitless opportunity and unrivaled willingness to help and support a company that offers a great product.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

Here are some of the key takeaways from the video:

  • Experion is a company that offers enterprise-level mobile app solutions. The company was started in India, and has managed to grow its business throughout the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and eventually the US in 2010.
  • Manoj says that the key to success in America is to believe in your company and its work and to find people that believe in it as well. He asserts that as long as you prove to your initial customers that you are good at what you do, they will act as a reference for you and help you grow your customer base.
  • Towards the end of the video Manoj gives his advice to other Indian businesses that may be looking to expand to the US, saying that, “There is no limit here in terms of opportunities—there is absolutely no limit. People here will come to you if you really have the stuff available and if they believe and they understand that you believe in what you’re doing, they will go out and help you.”

If you have any questions after watching the video, feel free to ask them in the comments section below!


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