Tips for Creating a Great Responsive Website


The use of mobile devices continues to grow worldwide each and everyday, making it increasing important for businesses to optimize their online presence for use across all platforms. From online marketers to startups, responsive design is a vital piece of the puzzle and should be a focal point for your company. Ensuring that your site is usable on smartphones and tablets will help your company be seen by more users and hopefully increase your business overall.In a recent interview from South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, Murray Newlands of YourStory talked to Murad Bushnaq of MorwebCMS to learn more about the importance of responsive design, what goes into a good design, and tips for creating a great responsive website.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are they key takeaways from the video:

  • MorwebCMS is a cloud-based responsive design CMS and blog software that helps businesses revamp their websites and optimize them for use across all mobile devices. Murad says that with the growth of smartphone and tablet use worldwide, having a responsive website will soon be imperative for success online and is important that businesses start considering moving towards responsive design in the near future if they haven't already.
  • In the interview, Murad gives his tips for a great mobile design. He advises that your site have a great menu that has your entire website included because people who are visiting your site want to be able to see all of it, not just certain bits and pieces. Murad also says that it's important to know what your mobile traffic is and where it's coming from. Most sites are experiencing between 25 and 40% of all of their traffic via mobile, so it's important to understand those user behaviors and cater your design to the things people are looking for.

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