Startups come together to launch #StartupAllianceParty! Share your manifesto


Update: This was an April Fool's Day Post and the readers came up with some very interesting views on social media around the #StartupAllianceParty

In the grander scheme of things, startups are a neglected lot. The Indian Government is waking up to the power of Startups to bring about a change for the good but a lot needs to be done. And startups are one pugnacious, persistent lot! If things are not happening, they take it upon themselves to make sure it is done. With the Election Season on in full swing, we hear that a bunch of startups from across India have come together and decided to start up a political party! They're calling themselves: The StartupAllianceParty.

Today, these startups want everyone to come together and stand for their rights! They have decided to run a campaign with #StartupAllianceParty and have invited participation to make a grand manifesto of change. "We want the government to be run with all the lean principles in mind!" said one of the propagators. All of you can participate by using the hashtag #StartupAllianceParty and mention the change that you want to see. These can be policy changes or mindset changes or anything else you’d like to see!

The StartupAllianceParty will form a manifesto from your responses and contest the 2014 elections to make sure these changes come about! So, come together and voice your support for #StartupAllianceParty!

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