How to Get Exposure and PR for Your Startup: An Interview with Bob Debbas


When you are starting a new company, getting good exposure and PR is vital to the growth of your business. However, getting exposure can be extremely challenging for a budding business, which is why startups should take every opportunity they get to get their name in front of new audiences.

In a recent interview from ad:tech San Francisco, Murray Newlands talks with Bob Debbas about the importance of exposure for startups and how they can use his new site to get free PR and network with other businesses.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are the key takeaways from the video:

  • is a site that enables new companies to upload an interview and other information about their startup so that the site's followers can learn more about the startup and hopefully bring some new business opportunities. is worldwide, with users in the US, Europe, India, and more, and is free to use for startups. The site also enjoys thousands of visitors/readers every month, making it a great place for startups to interact with others and expand their network.
  • In the interview, Bob explains that is a great platform for upcoming businesses to tell readers all about their company and find exactly what they're looking for, be it venture capital or employees. Once a company has completed it's profile, will post that information on their social media channels, giving companies free access to's audience.
  • Bob says that the reason that he started is because he believes in startups in that they bring new ideas to the table, as well as new employment opportunities. He explains that the site can be beneficial for students, job seekers, venture capitalists, and more, and that his goal is to build a platform that benefits startups and all of the people involved with them.

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