Tips for Running a Successful Startup in the US: An Interview with Vijay Krishnan


In a recent interview from ad:tech San Francisco, Murray Newlands talks with Flipora Co-Founder Vijay Krishnan about everything from doing business in the US as an Indian immigrant, to starting his company Flipora, to raising venture capital, and more. It's a great look into the inner workings of running a company in Silicon Valley and offers up some expert insights into being successful as a startup.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are the key takeaways from the video:

  • After growing up in India and getting his undergraduate degree in Bombay, Vijay came to the US to study for his Master's Degree at Stanford University. While at Stanford, he met his friend and now Co-Founder of Flipora Jonathan Siddharth and started their company together. To date, Flipora has raised two rounds of capital and has over 30 million monthly users. Flipora has focused on monetization for a while, and has become profitable over the last few months.
  • As for his tips, Vijay recommends that startups and entrepreneurs make sure that they are careful with how they spend their money and to hire the right people. He emphasizes the importance of building a great team and making your dollar go as far as possible if you want to really grow your business in the US.
  • Vijay says that Silicon Valley is, hands down, the best place in the world to start a company, particularly in the tech industry because of the sheer volume of people and the networking opportunities.
  • Later in the article, Vijay addresses the topic of venture capital funding, explaining that there's really no bad time to get funding. While his company has been profitable for a number of months, Flipora is still seeking VC funding to help them grow their network and turn it into the billion dollar company that they believe it has the potential to become.

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