YourStory’s ‘The Awesome Startup Employee’ series is back


How many of you remember the heart-felt stories of many amazing early startup employees we covered in the past? Remember the story of Hage Yaapa from Sourcebits who grew from a designer to VP of Products at Sourcebits? Or the story of the early team at Snapdeal which started off from a small one-room office in Delhi? Or the awesome employee of Housing, who gave up a high-paying job for an enriching startup sales experience?

Great startups are possible only when teams like these get together and make things happen. These superstars take up low paying jobs because they believe in their gut that their equity will be worth a lot more in the long run. They value the opportunity to collaborate with passionate entrepreneurs and create something valuable.

We are bringing back ‘The Awesome Startup Employee’ series to celebrate the early startup teams that foster startup innovation in India. Nominate your team today by filling out this form.

Without the right kind of talent partnering with entrepreneurs early on, big dreams cannot be achieved. Though many more talented young people are now choosing to join startups than was the case three years ago, we need a lot more taking the leap of faith for a healthy and growing startup ecosystem in India.

As an influential media house in this space, we think that one way to bring more and more talent to startups is by showcasing stories of successful early startup employees. We will work hard to bring out these compelling stories with the hope that startup jobs become lucrative for the young.

Entrepreneurs, without any further ado, nominate your early teams here. We will get in touch with them and profile their story. A powerful story can change the world. Help us share the story of your early teams.


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