YourStory’s ‘Fabulous Startup Workplaces’ series is back


More often than not, startups are like a house of cards. Yet, they manage to win, and out-innovate the bigger players.

Despite the lack of resources at their disposal, what makes them succeed is the incredible drive and determination of the teams to make things happen. It is the culture of ‘do or die’. There is no ‘try’. As the team size grows, entrepreneurs come up with many interesting ways to inculcate the company culture that got them off the ground to begin with. Many a times, these stories form management case-studies for later generations.

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Our series, ‘Fabulous Startup Workplaces’, aims to capture the culture of many successful startups early on. What makes them special? What comprises their DNA? And what can budding entrepreneurs learn from them?

We bring these stories to you in the form of amazing video tours of some of India’s best startups.

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