How Harneedi is helping healthcare professionals find their perfect job


Harneedi is a unique website for job seekers and employees in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. It does not subscribe to the usual conventions of candidates uploading resumes and employers selecting them. Rather, it uses systematic scientific techniques to match employers to the perfect candidates. As a result, huge amounts of time and money that are spent on a lengthy recruitment process are saved. Richard D Silva, a marketing professional who spent almost fifteen years in advertising before switching to Makro Technologies, speaks to YourStory about what makes Harneedi special.

About Makro Technologies:

Makro is a fifteen year old entity which serves healthcare and pharmaceutical companies with IT and HR solutions. The head office is in New Jersey. In India we have a group company called MakroCare, a CRO company, which is into clinical research. Then we have MakroTech, a consultancy which again provides IT and HR services to healthcare and pharmaceutical ventures. We also have Macro Health which assists pharmaceutical companies in various stages of product development.

What is Harneedi?

We launched Harneedi ( four years ago. It is a job site for healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals. The name Harneedi is a tribute to the founder of Makro Technologies Harish Malneedi.

My Role at Harneedi:

I was hired to take this product further. While doing feasibility studies of understanding the healthcare market in India, specifically the HR issues and recruitment challenges, we found there to be a great lack of entities who deliver holistic solutions to such recruitment challenges. Our aim is to fill that gap.

The Product Model:

The product model is very different from regular job seeker sites like or Professionals upload their resumes with us. When employers post their job requirements with us, we shortlist five such resumes and give it to them. This shortlisting is done through an algorithm called Kroma- key result oriented algorithm. The whole recruitment process is shortened, many time consuming processes are eliminated and a lot of the cost is also reduced. This product is in the fifth year of its running. It is well accepted in the market and we have top hospitals and pharmaceutical companies with us.


The greatest challenge lies in bringing in more number of quality candidates. I would like to share that many of those in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are not very tech savvy. Nurses, doctors and paramedics don’t even maintain proper resumes or upload them online. We have taken the route of going directly to the market and doing an activation programme of understanding them and bringing them onto our side. We are trying to increase the IT penetration in this community.


We have about five hundred plus clients across India. We are not close to a million yet, but getting there.

Future Plans:

We are trying to get into the rural area which is a major base and there are a lot of opportunities there.



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