Keystok is a service for developers to encrypt, share and manage app configs


App configs and login credentials are extremely important to be kept confidential for developers. But it is also necessary to share them among teams. Now, things go wrong when a developer decides to move out of a team or if there is a need to protect app configs, for some other reason. And this problem is faced by millions of developers across the globe. GitHub alone has more than three million developer profiles. A recent expose brought the perils to the fore. This article talked about how developers hit unexpected AWS bills after leaving secret keys exposed. When opening an account, users are told to store the keys in a secure location and are warned that the key needs to remain confidential in order to protect your account. However, a search on GitHub reveals thousands of results where code containing AWS secret keys can be found in plain text. This is one such example.

And this is where Keystok steps in.

Keystok is a service for developers to encrypt, share and manage app configs. Sensitive config information is usually stored in different source code files in a developer's SCM, environmental variables, on local machines of team members, and many other custom scripts. “Keystok lets developers store encrypted secrets in the cloud and gives them a central place to manage, share and revoke them,” says Christian Fruwirth, the Founder of Keystok.

Based out of Finland, the idea was born when Cristian and his partner at the previous company faced this problem. They were into app development and had a huge team among which app configs were to be shared. “We were looking for a solution and whoever we asked told us that it is a problem but there is no satisfactory solution,” says Christian. This is when he decided to branch out and develop Keystok. The funding for the product comes in from their previous company.

Keystok has only launched a couple of weeks ago and is now looking to spread the word about their product. They have four different pricing plans, each with a 30-day free trial. There is a free plan as well for usage up to three apps but sharing is not allowed. The next plan is for $49/ month for up to three users and then there are the bigger plans (scroll to the bottom of the page for a discount code).

One of the biggest value add Keystok hopes to bring in is that this will help developers write tidy code. “Keystok keeps your projects organized. Storing config parameters in the cloud instead of local files or even source code helps to keep code super tidy and makes it easier to read and maintain,” says Christian.

Building tools for developers has in itself spawned a huge industry and this will only get larger. If you're a developer, check out Keystok and tell us if it adds any value? Here is the coupon code for YourStory readers, a 70% off on all plans: YOURSTORY2KEYSTOK

Website: Keystok


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