MediaMedic Communications is helping consumers be the masters of their own health

With a passion for empowering consumers to take their health into their own hands, MediaMedic aims to combine the three pillars of health communications- the health industry, marketing communications and government regulations - to create innovative reforms in the healthcare scenario of the country. Mr. Dinesh, the cofounder of MediaMedic Communications, speaks to YourStory about how the patient’s lack of awareness in understanding their own health lead to the creation of MediaMedic communications and how the company is helping doctors and patients come together in providing a holistic way to heal.

How and when did you start MediaMedic Communications?

While working with the pharmaceutical industry I realized that there are a lot of challenges at the patient level in understanding health. So we decided to launch a communications venture. MediaMedic creates communications for patient education by working with pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies.

As an entrepreneur we had some challenges in the beginning, in terms of meagre setups and investments. But our faith in the system sprung from the fact that people needed the right information. We partnered with some pharmaceutical and healthcare companies and proved that the right kind of communication can help people get over their disease better.

The Team

Dinesh Chindarkar

Currently MediaMedic has grown to a team of twenty five. We have a strategy, creative marketing and of course a scientific content development team. The latter simplify the pharmaceutical knowledge so consumers can understand it better. The content is widely available on various formats and easily accessible from various devices.

The challenge for the team was to make science simple. The passion at MediaMedic team derives from how we help people understand and take care of their health better.

Current Trends in Healthcare Sector:

Consumers are now taking active steps in managing their own health. Be it a tracker, a mobile app or a sensor device, they are looking at tools through which they can manage their heath on their own. MediaMedic strives to empower customers by providing the right data on the platform of their choice, be it in web or mobile. We are creating a digital databank of doctors and personalized medicine where the latest breakthroughs and discoveries are available at the consumer’s fingertips.

About Health 2.0

Largely in India technology reaches the masses. We have more mobile devices here than in any other part of the world. That’s where we can reach through health. Health 2.0 is a brilliant platform where there is a cross section and intersection of patients, healthcare providers, consumers at large and caregivers can come together to build around health solutions that can make a big change in society.

Define Health:

Health is what comes from within. It is an emotion, not just a physical entity. It is what your mind and your senses tell you. True health is taking charge of your own self.


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