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Car servicing industry in India is highly fragmented and to an extent inconvenient from the consumer point of view. NCR-based marketplace of car workshops and auto repair shops, is expanding its operations across all over India. The venture was founded in 2008 by Rakesh Sidana, and helps car owners search the right car servicing and repair center locally.

Project - My Dream, My City

One of the recent endeavors of is their new project, ‘My dream, My city’ with which they aim to make their presence in every city.

According to Rakesh Sidana, Founder of, “I want to see MeriCAR running in every city. This project can create huge job opportunities in India. We are looking for entrepreneurs from all walks of life, including housewives, retired persons, unemployed and anybody who likes to work and earn at home, can join We plan to run this India project with minimum admin interference as all the training material and videos will be available online.”

The company is inviting applications from entrepreneurs to become partners to enroll 10,000 member car repair centers from 1000 cities. The partners would help the company to sell its services in other cities by establishing a car workshop network in their cities. They will get a share in the revenues generated from their area.

The ideal partners would be a person who wants to work for himself/ herself or self-employed professionals like car insurance agents or people who have taken a break in their careers or who are already working from home and looking to supplement their income. No prior auto industry experience is required. will provide their proprietary customer relationship management software which will help partners to manage and grow the business in their region. claims that with ‘My Dream, My City’ project , partners can earn between Rs 50,000 –Rs 100,000 per month in a three-four months period, and post that they can even go up to two-three times this amount provided they are willing to focus full time on this business.

Tried and tested business model

Car owners can either logon to or call the MeriCAR Helpline Call Center to book their car for service or repairs; and the team will help them connect to the right workshop in their neighborhood. The commission on leads at car workshops is the main source of revenue. has booked over 13,000 cars for servicing and repair till date.

Rakesh said, “We are engaging at a B2B level with the garage owners and helping them get more business by listing. At a B2C level, apart from having access to their nearby garages, customers are assured of efficient service and are secured against getting cheated by unscrupulous mechanics.”

The loyalty customer acquisition program helps to generate repeat business for MeriCAR which saves huge amount of car servicing bill for car owners. team has also developed a SAAS based model with CRM software for partners which will help them book, track and manage leads. The company also encourages car garages to use it for business processes.

How to apply 

URL to apply :

Potential partners are invited to send an enquiry on its website stating the city that they want to apply for partnership. They will get first level basic information of the project just after submission of the form. For the second and third level, detailed information will be provided with a special request. Online screening process would help to choose relevant applications.

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