YourStory Launch Fridays - the startup launch pad for new products and offerings


If you are a startup looking for a perfect launch pad to showcase/announce the launch of your new product or offering then YourStory's Launch Fridays is just what you were waiting for!

Product launches are very crucial moments in a startup journey, especially the first ones - when no-one knows about you yet and you are trying to make your mark in the eco-system, and then on the world map. Having personally interacted with over 13,500 entrepreneurs, we at YourStory understand how important these launches are. We have always tried to highlight and showcase the best emerging product startups in India - through our stories online and through pitches and demos at our events offline. Some of the popular ones include - Heckyl Technologies, Forus Health, LittleEyeLabs and 200 more.

But this number is a very small percentage of the number of requests we get to feature and showcase new product launches by startups. So, we've been brainstorming and thinking how we can channelize all these requests, select and curate a good quantity as well as quality of them and have a frequent outlet for it - thus came the idea of a monthly Launch Fridays where the best of startups who are launching their new products will get to showcase their first demo to a group of highly curated audience.

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1st Launch Friday

When : 27th June 2014 | 6PM - 7PM

Where : YourStory Rooftop

As a startup, what's in it for you at Launch Fridays

  • Your first demo to a group of highly curated, intelligent and collaborative crowd
  • Get the best set of beta customers for your new product/offerings
  • Quick feedback basis first look and experience from knowledgable participants
  • Peer learning through discussions and interactions
  • Find your next co-founder, team members, business soul mates
  • Meet mentors and industry experts who can share valuable insights and their learning
  • Let the angels and VCs know what you have launched
  • And of course visibility online - through content and social media

So if you are a startup looking for a launch pad or a startup enthusiast eager to know the latest products and solutions being launched - register here and we'll confirm your participation. All entries reaching before 20th of each month will be considered for shortlisting and pitch at the respective month's Launch Friday.

In case if you have any questions, please feel free to write to us at