YS Campus Evangelist Programme - Your chance to be the Entrepreneurship Rockstar


History is witness to the fact that students have been a catalyzing force to bring about social change.

The younger generation has made significant changes by contributing to the society through innovations. We have examples like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and more recent Mark Zuckerberg, who have strived to make a mark in their field.

Here’s a quick look at some enterprising ventures which were started by founders when they were in college.

  • FusionCharts was started by Pallav Nadhani as a means to earn more pocket money. It has now blossomed into a huge business serving more than 21,000 customers across 118 countries! It was based in Kolkata until 2011. Today, FusionCharts has grown and is an inspiration to every student who plans to start a venture while in college.
  • Founders Abhishek Gupta and Saurabh Kumar dropped a semester from IIT Delhi to join the incubation programme at Digital Media Zone, Toronto, from August to November 2012, to raise their venture Zumbl to new heights.
  • It was during the summer of 2011, when a common friend of Abhinav Choudhary and Hitesh Khandelwal sought their advice on which new phone to buy. After looking at many existing portals, online stores and blogs, they realized that there was no perfect platform which could help them decide the best product to buy. Thus was born Smartprix.

An eco-system can be built only when more people take an initiative and become the champion of change. And it’s always better to begin this at schools and colleges. Students are an integral part of this.

We at YourStory, have kick started the YS Campus Evangelist programme to identify individuals with entrepreneurial drive.

According to an Ernst and Young report, India today ranks at 11th position in terms of entrepreneurship culture in the world. Till date, we at YourStory have done more than 13,000 stories of entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers, and we aim to support and catalyze this emerging startup and entrepreneurial eco-system in India.

If you feel you have it in you to build a new India, then apply - here