Foogi - an app genie to help manage your meetings and appointments


Starting a new business is no easy task, and as a result, there's a lot of advice floating around on the Internet for how to become a successful business owner. But despite what you read on random blogs and advice columns, there are two factors that will ultimately determine your success. In order to turn a budding business into a successful enterprise, you must have both a unique product or service and an unstoppable team, and that's exactly what Foogi founder and CEO Amit Jaiswal told Murray Newlands in a recent interview from Redwood City, California.

Along with telling us about Foogi and how it was started, Amit also offered up his tips for building a successful company, sharing his own personal insights that any aspiring entrepreneur can learn from.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are the key takeaways from the video:

  • Foogi is an app that was created to help business people set up meetings with professionals from other companies without having to endure the headache-inducing process of calling and emailing back and forth to schedule a time to meet. Foogi works with software such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendars, iCloud, and any calendar that syncs with your phone, and works with it to find free time in the schedules of anyone in any company from around the world to schedule without any hassle.
  • Not too long ago, Foogi had some marketplace competitors, but those companies have since dissolved, leaving Foogi as the only app of its kind. Foogi launched in March and has since seen 1,500 downloads, and a 6% monthly growth without running any advertising.
  • Amit told us in the interview that his biggest challenge with Foogi so far was trying to build it on his own. He says that he started the company alone a year ago and thought that he could handle it on his own because of his background in the tech industry, but shortly thereafter he realized that he couldn't manage everything on his own. Thus, his advice to startup founders is to get a team from day one. He recommends investing in a great CTO and a great designer, because "everything is about user experience these days" and if you have the right team around you, everything is much easier and much more successful.

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