FreeCallApp wants to become Whatsapp for voice call, works smoothly even on 2G connection


Whatsapp lets us send text, images and videos but when it comes to live voice calls most calling apps, including Skype and Viber work only on really fast internet connections and consume very high bandwidth.

I always felt the need for an application that works on slow networks, consumes less bandwidth and has excellent voice clarity. Wouldn’t such an app make life simpler?

Recently, I found an Android app FreeCallApp which works awesome on 2G connection and offers crystal clear quality to users for voice calls.

Brainchild of Jitesh Lalwani, Aquib Maniyar and Dhiraj Bijlani, FreeCallApp provides free calling for 15 plus countries. Importantly, it’s made keeping the Indian audience in mind and provides calling feature that can even be used over 2G connection.

Jitesh has over six years of IT exposure, including three years of mobile experience with IT major Infosys and Reliance while Aquib has been an Android developer for over two years. Dhiraj brings value on business and revenue generation fronts.

Aquib and Jitesh wanted to do something innovative in the mobile space as they have knowledge of Android programming. One day while brainstorming, the duo realised that people still don't use any app in India for calling because all other calling apps require 3G connection to work, and in India most people still rely on 2G connection.

“So we came up with the idea to develop a calling app that can work on 2G as well as 3G/4G. It was a technological challenge to create something new in the market, something so spectacular that can work on slow network which even billion dollar companies were not able to create,” says Jitesh.

How it works?

Users have to download the Android app from the play store (link) and verify his mobile number using FreeCallApp free missed call service. Once the number is verified, he can call anyone from his contacts who also has FreeCallApp installed on his mobile.

How it’s different from Skype and Viber?

Voice calling apps like Skype and Viber work on really fast Internet connections and consume very high bandwidth so that’s the reason they are still not popular in India for calling purpose. “Whereas our app works on slow networks, consumes less bandwidth and has excellent voice clarity. This app is truly by the Indians, for the Indians and from the Indians,” adds Aquib.

Interestingly, the app doesn’t ask you to login-logout and add friends as it automatically displays friends who use FreeCallApp.

The app has amassed close to 5,000 downloads within a month without any marketing effort. Besides Android, the startup also has plans to develop FreeCallApp for other platforms like iOS and Windows.



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