PhotoSparks at Sampoorn Santhe 2014, Part II: arts fair photographs to help entrepreneurs think out of the box!


In our earlier post, we brought you some inspiring photographs of traditional handicrafts at the Sampoorn Santhe 2014 (arts fair) in Bangalore. From shark staplers to decorated toilets, this second post shows how the Chitrakala Parishad venue showcases the cutting edge of artisan creativity and humour. Make YourStory’s PhotoSparks your regular source of photographs that celebrate creativity and innovation!

Ganesha for Geeks!

The Lord Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, patron of arts and sciences, and wellwisher for the start of all manner of rituals and ceremonies. Artisans at the crafts fair also rendered this playful interpretation of Ganesha for Geeks -- book in hand and with glasses perched on the nose to read better. This is after all the century of geeks and innovators!

Aagor: Weaves by women of the Bodo tribe in Northeast India

Aagor Daagra Afad is a non-profit organisation working for the benefit of some of the poorest tribal women in Bodoland, Assam. Their weaves are sold around India to support sustainable livelihoods that respect their dignity and great traditions. Aagor means ‘design’ in the Bodo language. The organisation has weavers working in three clusters, with coordinators to check on design quality. YourStory salutes the work of women entrepreneurs and social enterprises such as Aagor Daagra Afad for creating a more inclusive and creative society.

Sharks or staplers? Either way, watch their bite!

Creativity lies not just in big movie productions but also in seeing patterns in apparently mundane objects and activities of life. This eclectic desk accessory morphs a fish onto the humble stapler. Does it staple with twice the punch? Buy one and find out!

Creativity everywhere – literally!

When you immerse yourself in a creative environment, you see opportunities for creativity everywhere! The Chitrakala Parishad venue in Bangalore even reflects this spirit at the entrance to its toilets, with artistic renditions of the otherwise basic and boring ‘male female’ symbols. Think out of the box!

Spare a thought -- and some art -- for your tired feet!

Clay, terra cotta and pumice are good materials for foot scrubbers, especially for those with rough and calloused skin. They are important for cleanliness and to avoid painful cracking of the soles. But foot scrubbers don’t have to be just one-sided and in boring square shapes – as these artistic versions show.

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